Ps. Koshy Varghese

Ps. Koshy was born and raised in a Christian family in a place called Kochi in the state of Kerala, a part of southern India. His parents were followers of Lord Jesus Christ so he and his siblings grew up going to Church, attending Sunday school, youth groups and other Christian events. Even though he grew up in a Christian environment he didn’t have a personal relationship with the Lord, it was only at the age of 16  that he had a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus and decided to follow him. Soon after he took water baptism and received the baptism of the Holy spirit.

His father late V.M.Varghese was an ordained pastor of Indian Pentecostal Church of God in Kerala. He was a man with real passion to reach out for the lost.  This had a profound impact on Ps. Koshy’s walk with the Lord and ignited passion in him to reach others.

Ps.Koshy was part of several youth ministries including a Campus ministry called ICPF (Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship) in India. In 1998, he had the privilege to lead the worship team for Rev Reinhard Bonnke’s Crusade held in Kerala.

In 2005, he moved to Australia with his wife, Ivy and 2 sons Joel & Geoffrey. His wife, Ivy was also  born and brought up in a Christian home in a God fearing parents who stressed the need of seeking God and the things of God. She developed a deeper and intimate relationship with the Lord during her college days which led her to understand the plan and purposes for her life. She too had the privilege of being part of the ICPF ministry which played a crucial role in this change in mindset and helped her to witness several lives being impacted for the glory of God. This revelation put her life in perspective and helped her embrace what is eternal and forgo what is temporary and worldly.

Their older son Joel and his wife Jenny and younger son Geoffrey are an integral part of BCA and are serving the Lord according to the vision and plans God has unfolded to them.

BCA was founded just over 7 years ago starting initially as a small group of believers who gathered on a monthly basis. Later on, the group grew and became what it is today – Bethel Christian Assembly.